Using WEFT (embed Malayalam)

The procedure is very much straight forward..
1.You must have an embeddable font…The present Rachana_w01 is NOT suitable..You have to perform extra steps to use it. Or you can use AnjaliOldLipi. Just inform and thank Kevin for using this font.

2. You should have the free WEFT utility from MS… (I used the latest (Beta?))
3. Ofcourse you’ll need Windows…
The WEFT software is simple…
I shall mention the step I did in WEFT…
Let’s go like the customer support I used to do for my Arab Customers over the telephone !!!
Start->Programs->OpenType Tools->Microsoft WEFT ( if you have an icon on desktop, well and good !)
Ignore the splash screen.. Click cancel for any screen or wizard..
Click Tools->Fonts to Embed…
Click Add… (Add the font AnjaliOldLipi) Click OK..
You can see whether the font is embeddable or not…
Choose no subsetting. (This is needed because you have to use Latin punctuations also) Click OK..
Click on Analyse Button on the toolbar, you’ll see the font(s) listed in the Used Fonts window.
Click on Embed Button on the toolbar.
Select the location, if you want the font to be created on your disk, select file:// and c:\weft , make sure you have a weft directory in c:\
Click Edit..
You see http:// already in the first box, in the second one type Click Add.
you can add as many places you want from where this font can be used…(just repeat the procedure)
Click OK when you are done.
Click on Show CSS.. if you dont know how to write the code in your webpage…
Click Finish…
and just wait as per the screen…
And That’s it.. Plain and Simple.

If you want to see how it works, you can view the page source of my malayalam blogs at blogger.
Hope this helps.

Feel free to spread the word..Even if you take the credit of this advice, I wont be affected. No need of copyright worries !
If you generate some revenue from this advice please feed some poor and needy.

Ralminov Rosnovski


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