Let us legalize prostitution

Why should we have false pretenses about morality?

The use of condoms is now marketed as a protection from AIDS, not as a birth control method. So the Govt is actually supporting “illegal” sexual relationships. The new school curriculum contains “all” those the children need to know about sex. The more they know, they will  naturally have the tendency to experiment those. As the only way experiecing those now legally is by marriage, they tend to get those illegally. So, in other words , the Govt is promoting illegal prostitution. In this context, legalizing the prostitution has lot of merits:

  1.  The prostitutes can have a better life , wages, and recognition in the society.
  2.  More people will be attracted to this profession and it will decrease the demand.
  3.  Practical sessions can be given to the children who need them after their theory classes. ‘Professionals’ can be invited for a ‘Live’ demo.
  4.  Tourists can be attracted and hence more foreign currency.
  5.  Marriages, for the sole purpose of experimenting, can be prevented.
  6. Govt can have an additional source of revenue which might reach next to the revenue from Alcoholics and Tobacco.
  7. The judiciary and the police will have less work load. No more petite cases of ‘immoral trafficking’.
  8. The hotel , resort and entertainment business will flourish.

Why should we ignore this golden opportunity ?


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