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Analysing and Extending “Chill Effect” proposal

N.Ganesan proposed a visible atomic alternative named Malayalam Chillu Sign to solve the present problems in Malayalam Unicode due to the invisible and strippable joiners. I am trying to analyse the proposal here. Advantages: 1.Only one extra codepoint is to be encoded. 2.The visibility and null-string mapping of the joiners are solved. 3.With equivalence mapping […]

Challenging Atomic Chillu encoding

1.Cils are independent graphically. [It is true for 6 Cils. But no glyph for Cil-Y is discovered yet, though many authentic texts mention about it.. and there are more consonants like T, D, ZH which have ‘Cil’-ing behaviour also] and if this ‘graphical’ independence is to be considered, it applies to the reph, prebase/postbase/belowbase signs […]