What is the fun in using ZWJ, ZWNJ, ZWS …

What is the fun in using ZWJ, ZWNJ, ZWS et al , if only to be found stripped by many browsers and text editors !

If these ‘control’ characters are allowed to be entered in any context, it should remain there. It should be considered in sorting , collation etc. If we have to amend some rules for that lets not hesitate..

Either give these ‘control’ characters some value, or deprecate its use altogether.We find lot of problems with the use of these in Malayalam..If these are used to enforce the meaning of some words correctly, the stripping of these definitely would create undesirable outputs..

This problem is not limited to chillus or tta… this is a big problem than I initially  intercepted.

eg:കൊയ്​രാള  becomes കൊയ്രാള  when zws is stripped off…
Anyone @ the Unicode Think Tank, please consider the plea………

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  1. Posted ഡിസംബര്‍ 2, 2006 at 9:47 pm | Permalink

    Dear Ralminov,

    So, Could you specifically say what you suggest?

    Whether to
    1. use
    2. Use a new Common Character for all Chillu transformation
    3. Use independent codes for each chillu?

    And for each answer, why and why not?

    Thank You!

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