It is time to replace freeship with scholarship

I believe its high time that the freeship be replaced with scholarship in the professional education. Students should sustain their merit to enjoy the educationa subsidy they enjoy. Only because a student ‘wrote’ the entrance examination, the Govt , need not bear all his expenses for 4-5 years. Why the students who continue their education only because of the ‘total promotion’ of the university, be given freeship in education and get all his food and accomodation expenses met by the State Govt.
Everyone who studied in a professional college in Kerala will share my opinion, I hope. Only DESERVING students be given SUPPORT.
Students should work hard to sustain their merit. Now the Govt is trying to introduce freeship in SF colleges also. This is ridiculous. Govt should ensure the merit of the students joining these colleges. That’s all. Govt can even direct the managements to give merit scholarships to the deserving candidates from SC/ST/OBC/Financially backward category. The difference between scholarships and freeships is that the scholarship cease to exist when the student fails to sustain the merit. So he works hard for that. Otherwise he will have to pay the full fees. On the other hande, freeship is a freerun, no obligation. He need not work hard. The subsidy is given as granted.
Providing false affidavit regarding the financial status should be made a criminal offence.


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