Debt Kills !

We may not realise until it kills us. First it kills our pride, then it kills us completely.
We have to learn to live with our ability. Not everyone is born equal. Everyone is different. We can be motivated by others’ success, not depressed. Piling up riches for future is going on , on one side.. Debt-ridden ‘proud’ people are killing themselves on other side. We have to learn to live in the NOW. Everyone is a genius in some way or other. We have to identify our power. If we dont realise our power, and try to imitate other successful persons, we become mediocres.
Why should we borrow money for the marriage of our children?
Why dont we live with what we have?
Even in the midst of poverty, one can be grateful to the Almighty that he has good health-physical and mental. What is the use of money for a person who has no health- unable to consume anything but bread and water !!!
We can find positive thoughts in any emergency. What the farmers need is counselling. The Govt should not ‘cheat’ anyone by false promises. The people should not live by seeing the money in others’ pocket.
Debt is very very dangerous. All the loans look ‘sweeter’ in the beginning. You’ll find the real ‘taste’ when you are short of money to pay the installments.
Those who are rich, spend your money wisely. Those who are financially poor, dont borrow money for living.. and life is always fair.


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  1. Posted ഒക്ടോബര്‍ 8, 2006 at 12:36 am | Permalink

    Sustainable development. Wow! Very few people with a computer and paying internet connect fees are able to sustain that attitude and philosopy, but what you are saying is the essence of a sustainable life style, isn’t it? Refreshing in a blog.

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