Onam, The Hijacked Harvest Festival

Onam was celebrated by the Keralites as a harvest festival…By adding a myth of Mahabali, the entire Keralites are constantly mocked at..
The myth goes such..
Mahabali was an ‘asura’ King . He was a great ruler and a man of word and principles.. The devas got jealous (!), they pleaded Lord Vishnu, read God, to get rid of him… And the God, in disguise of Vamana, ‘cheated’ Mahabali and send him to ‘Pathala’… What a shame.. Will God do this to a good ruler?
And why, if Vamana was one of those avatars, is alien, outside Kerala? It is disgusting to see an incarnation of God for the sole purpose of removing a great ruler !!!
According to me, the myth can be rewritten as thus.
There was a good socialist dravida (asura) ruler in Kerala. He was dethroned by some aryas (deva) by cheating. And the new rulers invented a story to coverup their immoral behaviour.
The harvest festival was used to cover up the truth…
This myth is to mock at the God, to insult the Keralites ….Think … Think over it dear ones….
Why cant we enjoy Onam without this nonsense story?
We can have flower carpets, sadyas, oonjaalaattam, all kind of entertainments…. just throw this myth away !!!



  1. wayfarer
    Posted ഒക്ടോബര്‍ 8, 2006 at 2:54 pm | Permalink

    Man, you should have been born a few centuries ago. It’s too late to change history now, even Marxist historians can’t do it now. (By the way, I have serious doubts whether you are Maveli in a new birth. Hats off)

  2. Posted ഒക്ടോബര്‍ 8, 2006 at 6:33 pm | Permalink

    i dont think a myth can be history

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