I present here a fictious story inspired me on ‘Positive Thinking’. I am not sure about the author of the story.

A man who is constantly in trouble, prays to god one day and due to his persistent and dedicated prayer, the Almighty appears in front of him and pleasingly tells him “my dear, do tell me what your doubts are about?”

The man happily starts to narrate this “Oh my merciful lord, I have a vision, in which I could see my past life and I have doubts on it which I wanted you to clear.” Smilingly God tells him to carry on.

The man says thus “Lord, I saw that in my past, whenever I was happy and good things happened in my life, I could see two pairs of foot steps on the path of life. One of them is mine; I could not understand the other pair of footstep which was following me. Whose does these belong to?”

Almighty smiles and says “Dear, whenever you were having good time and happy, I would silently walk behind you allowing you to enjoy the fruits of your good deeds.”

The man then asks “Ok, Lord, I saw that whenever am in troubles or sad times I saw two pairs of footsteps again! And this time, the second pair was beside me all along the path.”

Calmly God says “Dear, whenever you were in bad situations of life, I would walk beside you, guiding you through the tough times into the good times ahead.”

The man, satisfied with the reply, then looked puzzled and sad; says “But Lord, I also had a vision that whenever am in the worst of troubles and the most toughest times I have ever faced in my life, I saw only one deep pair footsteps all along the path. Why have you deserted me when I need you the most?”

Now, God looks at him lovingly and says “Oh my poor, you could see only one pair of footsteps during the worst part of your life because those belonged to mine and I was carrying you all along, on my shoulders! Remember this, I never have and will desert you, my dear” Thus saying the Almighty disappears!!!

The ultimate truth of life! Never doubt the Almighty and remember that he never ever gives-up on us!

This was narrated to me first by my friend JayPee when we were preparing for our Engg Entrance Examination.



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