Why cant I be the Prime Minister?

Man, are you crazy? This post is reserved to politicians.
Then how Manmohanji became the PM?
Oh, he was posted by politicians..
I heard he was posted by Soniaji, she was not an active politician.
She was the wife of our late Prime Minister, so she is a politician.
Sorry for being dumb, can educated persons become politicians?
As a matter of fact, yes. But the general trend is not that.
Can you make it more clear, please?
We all want to become professionals and make our children also professionals. ie the jobs with social status. eg. engineer, doctor,mbas, software professional, civil service and like…there are more.. We teach our children that politics is for the unprivileged. Let them strike and you study..
So we study and become professionals. The unprivileged dont study and become politicians. And they become our leaders . They represent us to become MLAs, MPs and ministers. Is that clear?
No comments, sir.


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