Scared ? Solution is here !!!

First there were those life insurance agents. They remind us that our life is precious . We have to take care our family even after death. So we buy a Life Insurance Policy. Our family is secured.
Then they reminded us about our health. We should have some money for our treatments when our health deteriorates all of a sudden. If all our fortunes made by us are used to treat our ailment, we are made to understand that our family will secretely first and openly then disapprove it. So inorder to save from that embarassment, we take a Health Insurance Policy. Now they reminds us about the ‘extra’ money we must have save oursleves from the embarassment of begging our own money from our kids. So we opted for a Pension Plan. Our life is pleasant.
Now I came to know that there are two options: either live healthy or live unhealthy. They told me that if we live with our current diet, we will soon be short of nutrients. So they helped me to stay healthy by using their food suppliments. All the protein I need a day is available in a capsule!!!
God knows what comes next!!


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