Marriage – Beginning of a new Life!!!

Its the end of another life as well… the stringless life. in an age in which we feel we can change the world.. friends, humor,ecstasy,thrills…
Atleast most of the women will lose all these after marriage. and gets a new batch of things…Strings from society, house… commitments, responsibility..
Its not bad, but its a different world altogether. Husband/wife, kids, household, job, school, food, shopping….Only a minority continue their pre-marital friendships..Men are more fortunate. They are mostly free to maintain the friendships. But women take it their responsibility to avoid the friends..But the love between the couples can dilute all the other losses. Its really wonderful..Love and trust goes together. Parenting is another wonderful experience, though its not very essential to make the life beautiful. Children take us back to our childhood. They remind us the duties to our parents.

Six wonderful years and counting!!!


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