They say that the entire script of our life is already written . So what is our role ? Why we are taught about right and wrong ? If the events are to happen according to a written script, why should we bother? I think many of us will share this concern.
What I believe now is that, though many “milestones” or “keyframes” of our life are fixed, the path to attain those solely depends on us. We are programmed to move according to paths we chose to reach the same destination. Some paths may be curved so that we might not see the milestone directly and through the shortcut it may be very near. So I believe, this is our role in our life – to choose the right path. There are many “helpbooks” available. Occassional inputs are given by The Almighty himself. We have to listen to our heart.Though this interpretation might seem simple, it could be made even simpler by any other person. We need not believe that the “solutions” of life is entirely complex and can be understood only by “masters”.
Believe in yourself and be ready to get the “inputs” from The Creator !!!


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