We are very keen about the amount of pesticide content in Pepsi and Coke. Some say its 20 times the approved minimum, some say its more than 200 times!!! The debate goes on. There are movements against these “imperialist” companies. Our leaders are even requesting our celebrities not to “pose” for these companies. All that said, are we so keen about the smoking, drugs and alocoholics? No. Because, these are the main revenue generators. Also they help to contain the population explosion. The excise duty on the liquors contribute the lion’s share in the revenue of many of the states. The exorbitant tax on the cigarettes contributes another big sum.Though “banned”, we have seen recently the easy availability and “abuse” of cocaine, heroine etc, as these things are becoming the essentials in “partying”.Only if the Indian public is not healthy, the multi speciality hospitals will have “business”.Otherwise how the doctors who pay more than 60 lakhs to become doctors, get their money back!! “Enjoy your life tension free, but dont forget to take this medcine” was the advice of an ayurvedic product.Its like “Go and kill someone and come back to me, I’ll save you” advice by an advocate.Our agonies and sorrows are “sold” and “marketed” in the media.Disaster relief funds end up as ‘ChiefMinister’s” or “PrimeMinister’s” relief funds.
Still, I am optimistic. Instead of going afetr non-issues, we should take part actively in the nation building. We need not distance ourselves away from anything..We should not shy away from politics.First of all lets DeAddict ourselves from our greed.. Lets share our fortunes.Lets DeAddict ourselves from intoxication..Lets be humans.
DeAddict ourselves from Smoking , Drugs and Alcoholics!!! A bright future awaits us.


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