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Scared ? Solution is here !!!

First there were those life insurance agents. They remind us that our life is precious . We have to take care our family even after death. So we buy a Life Insurance Policy. Our family is secured. Then they reminded us about our health. We should have some money for our treatments when our health […]


They say that the entire script of our life is already written . So what is our role ? Why we are taught about right and wrong ? If the events are to happen according to a written script, why should we bother? I think many of us will share this concern. What I believe […]

Who is Rich?

The person who can afford to spare his richness to others is rich. A billionaire is not rich if he thinks that he is not rich enough and that he cannot afford to help the poor. The richness is applicable to every walk of life, not only limited to money. You can be rich in […]


Friendship is a very precious relationship.It spans across gender, religion, beliefs, countries, color, age and what not.I am fortunate to have atleast a small set of friends, my wife being one of those.Friends always help in need.No false excuses will be made.I can’t forget the timely motivation of my friend to complete my studies successfully.I […]


We are very keen about the amount of pesticide content in Pepsi and Coke. Some say its 20 times the approved minimum, some say its more than 200 times!!! The debate goes on. There are movements against these “imperialist” companies. Our leaders are even requesting our celebrities not to “pose” for these companies. All that […]

Marriage – Beginning of a new Life!!!

Its the end of another life as well… the stringless life. in an age in which we feel we can change the world.. friends, humor,ecstasy,thrills… Atleast most of the women will lose all these after marriage. and gets a new batch of things…Strings from society, house… commitments, responsibility.. Its not bad, but its a different […]

Why cant I be the Prime Minister?

Man, are you crazy? This post is reserved to politicians. Then how Manmohanji became the PM? Oh, he was posted by politicians.. I heard he was posted by Soniaji, she was not an active politician. She was the wife of our late Prime Minister, so she is a politician. Sorry for being dumb, can educated […]

Gods’ Own Country

But Kerala can be called as ‘Dog’s own country’ also. There are lot of dogs in the state. Stray dogs, house dogs, … dogs etc. All these dogs bark, but only the stray dogs bite, bcoz they are not taught about this phrase “barking dogs seldom bite”. Otherwise Kerala is Gods’ own country. There are […]